AresLite® Non-crystal Technology

The new technology HAIR REMOVAL of non crystal laser.

The first innovation, the light cone is canceled, the energy focus is doubled, and the handle is lightweight.

What is AresLite?

Customize hair removal across a wide range of skin tones like never before.

AresLite® is that the laser energy of a specific wavelength is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle, and then converted into heat, which raises the temperature of the hair follicle tissue and ultimately achieves tissue destruction.

-Use FAC Technology To Get 99% Energy Transfer Efficiency.
-Diode laser No Crystal design, handle piece are pretty light,Reduce the probability of handle damage.
-AresLite® diode laser use IP65 high grade waterproof, fully enclosed to prevent dust from entering.
-Intelligent linkage multi-touch HD screen.
-Up 200 Million Lifespan.
-3 Seconds Temperature Control System

What is Coherent BAR?

Using the world's leading optical LIMO brand Fast Axis Collimation Free-surface micro-optical technology micro-optical technology,short-distance beams are quickly focused,and the energy density is higher under the same pulse width,achieving high peak power and narrow pulse width hair removal,greatly improving the hair removal effect and experience.

-USA Coherent imported laser device,high durability.
-Lifespan 100 Million shots/Handle.
-Big Spot Size 15*20MM + 15*30MM

FAC:Energy transfer efficiency up to 99%.

Add FAC:Beam Focus At a working distance of 32mm, the energy density is 10J/cm2@20ms.

Without FAC:The Beam Diverges Rapidly At a working distance of 32mm,the energy density about 2J/cm2@20ms.

-Effective: Spot focus,deeper penetration depth,Short pulse width to achieve higher energy density,The hair follicle bursts instantly,providing better comfort.
-Unique: Patented micro-optical design,Special channel design.
-Light: No Crystal inside the handle,the weight are more lighter.

Advantage of ARESLITE Laser hair removal

-Smooth Skin
DM40 Pro 808nm 755nm 1064nm diode laser hair removal machine,uses ultra-high-frequency energy output to achieve large-area sliding treatment, and complete body hair removal with minimal pain and high efficiency

-Laser lifetime
The life of ordinary laser is only 20 millions, DM40 Pro 808nm 755nm 1064nm diode laser hair removal machine,is equipped with the latest black technology FAC® technology, and the spanlife is as high as 100 millions, which is more than 5 times that of other lasers, ensuring your long-term efficient use

-Non-Crystal Design
DM40 Pro 808nm 3 wave diode laser hair removal machine,removes the traditional crystal condensing light. The entire series is equipped with a high-intelligence chip to achieve 99% energy transmission without damage. There is no crystal inside the handle, which is convenient for the lightweight design and the weight is only 0.3 KG, which increases the happiness of the therapist.

What are the differences between ARESLITE and others?

A. Diode laser spanlife 200 Millions Shot For 3 Years Warranty,Areslite diode laser design better than microchannel.
B. Diode laser No Crystal design, handle piece are pretty light,It allows you to work in a comfortable state for a long time and
Reduce the probability of handle damage.
C. FocusLight diode laser device for 99% engereny transmission
D.Areslite diode laser use IP65 high grade waterproof, fully enclosed to prevent dust from entering

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